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Efficient Land Use Strategy



With a population that is expected to pass 100,000 in the next 3 years, and a strong, diverse and stable economy, Lethbridge will continue to grow. An additional 30,000 residents in the next 20 years will require approximately 14,000 new dwelling units. While growth may be inevitable, the pattern and rate of growth, and what the potential consequences of that growth could be are not.

The Efficient Land Use Strategy (ELUS) explores the pattern and cost of urban growth over time, as well as future demographic and market trends as determinants of that future land use and growth. ELUS asks key questions, such as: How do we use our land base? What is the true cost of growth? What does efficient land use mean in Lethbridge? What role do demographics, the marketplace and infrastructure play in determining efficient land use?

Upcoming Engagement Opportunities

Each strategy is a comprehensive undertaking. It requires the co-ordination of many city business units and requires input from several stakeholder groups and the community at large. See the Public Participation Plan to the learn more about future engagement opportunities. 

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Progress updates of each strategy will be provided through the project website ( as well as through a monthly e-newsletter. To receive project e-newsletters, email to sign-up.

ELUS has three main phases.

Phase 1: Preliminary Background Report (Draft completed; available in documents section below)

Phase 2: Baseline Data Assessment (in progress, expected completion Fall 2017)

Phase 3: Goals, Road Map and Implementation (expected to commence Fall 2017)

​​ Virtual Reality Project

As part of the Efficient Land Use Strategy, the VR Project was developed as a tool to assist in visualizing future redevelopment scenarios that are based on a more efficient land use and growth paradigm. The tool’s purpose is to generate conversations with the community around efficient land use and growth by providing residents the opportunity to imagine 2 existing corridors in 3 different redevelopment scenarios.

The scenarios were developed by combining the results of two separate exercises completed by the Efficient Land Use Strategy Task Force. 

  1. Redevelopment Mapping Exercise: identified areas of the City thought to be most appropriate for infill/redevelopment. Two areas that were most commonly identified included 13th Street North and Columbia Blvd/University Drive West.
  2. PhotoVoice Exercise: identified (based on photography) features of density and redevelopment that were felt to be strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This activity helped develop what features were incorporated into each scenario.

You can view these videos through youtube using your computer, ipad, or smartphone device. The City of Lethbridge has cardboard VR viewers available upon request at no charge. A cardboard VR viewer allows everyone the opportunity to experience VR in a simple, fun, and affordable way. Contact​ to pick one up!

Checkout the videos below! 

There are six videos to view. 2 Corridors (Columbia Boulevard West and 13th Street North) which have 3 scenarios for each.

  • Scenario A represents the existing built environment.
  • Scenarios B represents a hypothetical scenario that shows the existing environment plus efficient land use features that are smaller in scale and intensity. Result is a moderate change in the existing built environment. Buildings that feature a “glow” are those that do not currently exist in Scenario A.
  • Scenario C represents a hypothetical scenario that shows the features of scenario B plus efficient land use features that are larger in scale and intensity. Result is a more significant change in the existing built environment. Buildings that feature a “glow” are those that do not currently exist in Scenario A.
Columbia Boulevard West – Scenario A 
Columbia Boulevard West – Scenario B 
Columbia Boulevard West – Scenario C 
13th Street North – Scenario A 
13th Street North – Scenario B 
13th Street North – Scenario C

Please provide any feedback you may have on the VR project by comple​​​ting this survey​.

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