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Victoria Park Area Redevelopment Plan

    Victoria Park Area Redevelopment Plan

All neighbourhoods begin experiencing redevelopment as buildings and infrastructure age and the needs of the community change. Area Redevelopment Plans (ARPs) are a helpful tool to manage redevelopment in a strategic way.

The City of Lethbridge is working on the first-ever ARP for the Victoria Park Neighbourhood and a portion of the Upper East Side Neighbourhood, which is also known as the Warehouse District or Hamilton. The Victoria Park ARP boundaries will be referred to as the Plan Area.

The City of Lethbridge will be working with the Area Redevelopment Plan Committee (ARP Committee) throughout the project. The membership of the ARP Committee includes people who live and work within the Plan Area. They will serve as a sounding board to the City's engagement approaches and participate in more in-depth discussions on the ARP topics. This group was brought together by the Upper Victoria Park Neighbourhood Association, whose boundaries cover a portion of the Plan Area.

Area Redevelopment Plans

The role of ARPs is to provide a future vision for the redevelopment of an area, and guidance on where growth and change make sense and how it can most appropriately be integrated. ARPs are shaped by public input, City Council direction, technical considerations, and existing policy documents. The topics explored in ARPs may be unique to each neighbourhood and cover these broader topics:

  • Land use changes and patterns
  • Heritage preservation
  • Parks and urban forestry
  • Transportation and mobility
  • Infrastructure and servicing requirements
Get Involved

The process for drafting the Victoria Park Area Redevelopment Plan will include public engagement opportunities for you to provide your vision for the future of the Plan Area, and to inform how these changes should be managed over the coming years. The public engagement aims to get insights from people who live, work, and visit within the Plan Area to ensure that the changing needs and aspirations of the community are addressed.

To learn more, visit the project's Get Involved site.

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