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Westminster Area Redevelopment Plan


Westminster Area Redevelopment Plan

   About the Westminster Area Redevelopment Plan
The Westminster Area Redevelopment Plan was originally adopted by council in 1985, and is in n the processes of being updated.  The updating process began in the summer of 2016. 
Area Redevelopment Plans

Area Redevelopment Plans (ARPs) are a tool to help manage the changing needs of the older neighbourhoods. ARP's contain policies adopted by City Council. These policies must be considered when decisions are made regarding changing the use of a property (i.e. from a single dwelling to an apartment or business); demolishing a structure and rebuilding something new and improving roadways and public spaces.

The new Area Redevelopment Plan for Westminster will include policies that consider public input, City policies, and technical research. These three different types of information are not independent and must be considered together. ​


The process guiding this project allows for public input, City Policies, and technical research to be explored at the same time. During Phase 3 of the project City staff created the WARP Advisory Committee to work closely with and to learn from. The WARP Advisory Committee is made up of members of the Westminster Neighbourhood including individuals who live, work, and volunteer in the neighborhood. 
During Phase 4, City staff will continue meeting with the WARP Advisory Committee to identify guiding principles which will inform the policies in the plan. This approach creates a space where the Advisory Committee is able to share their local knowledge and also take into consideration City Policies and technical research.  
The output of Phase 4 is draft Plan which will be available for the broader public for their review and feedback. The feedback reviewed will influence updates to the draft Plan before it is finalized.

Once the draft Plan is finalized, the Plan will be brought to City Council for their approval.

Project Timeline

  1. Phase 1 – Introduction
    1. Key Steps: Introduce project to the public and the neighbourhood associations
    2. Public Engagement: Open house and meeting with neighbourhood associations              
  2. Phase 2 – Neighbourhood Analysis
    1. Key Steps: Building condition assessment and data gathering 
    2. Public Engagement: Open house
  3. Phase 3 – Stakeholder Collaboration and Policy Development
    1. Key Steps: Information sharing and discussion on each of the policy sections in the Plan. 
    2. Public Engagement: WARP Advisory Committee Meetings          
  4.  Phase 4 – Drafting and Revising the Plan (Current Phase)  
    1. Key Steps: Developing content of the Plan in alignment with Phase 3
    2. Public Engagement: WARP Advisory Committee Meetings and community open house
  5. Phase 5 – Plan Approval
    1. Key Steps: Present the draft Plan for Council approval
    2. Public Engagement: Public Hearing
  6. Phase 6 – Plan Implementation
    1. Key Steps: Ongoing implementation and monitoring
    2. Public Engagement: Report through Council meeting for the public
   Draft Plan Feedback

 January 9, 2020 Open House

On January 9, 2020, the project team and the WARP Advisory Committee hosted an open house to showcase the Westminster Area Redevelopment Plan Draft policies. The poster boards and the draft Plan shared at the open house are available here:

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