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West Lethbridge Employment Centre - Area Structure Plan

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   The City of Lethbridge has prepared an Area Structure Plan for the establishment of an employment centre in West Lethbridge. The primary goal of this employment centre is to provide opportunities for more commercial and industrial development, and therefore more jobs, in West Lethbridge.

West Lethbridge Employment Centre Plan Area Map:

WLEC Map.jpg

Plan Progress:

WLEC Project Timeline (Feb 2013).jpg

​                           WLEC Area Structure Plan - As Adopted
​                           WLEC Area Structure Plan - Technical Documents Appendix

What’s Next:

Plan adopted by City Council - February 19, 2013

Outline Plans can now be undertaken (in the sequence shown in the ASP) and urban development of the area will follow.

Key Contact:  Tyson Boylan, Community Planner

Key Contact: Tatsuyuki Setta, Community Planner: 403-320-4745