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Waterbridge Area Structure Plan

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Project Status

On December 8, 2014 City Council gave First Reading of the Waterbridge ASP. Public Hearing has now been schedule for January 26, 2014 at 4:00pm in Council Chambers, Main Floor, City Hall, 910 – 4th Avenue South. Any person who feels affected by this application will be given an opportunity to speak to City Council at the Hearing. Should you wish to submit a written submission for Council to consider, the submission must be delivered to the City Clerk’s Office in City Hall by noon on Monday, January 19, 2015 or e-mail to

What is the Waterbridge Area Structure Plan (ASP)?

The ASP is a statutory plan authorized by the Alberta Municipal Government Act. The purpose of the ASP is to provide a policy framework for the long-term development of lands in West Lethbridge, including the mix of land uses, the provision of infrastructure, and the sequence with which development will take place. Once the ASP is adopted, it will be followed by more detailed Outline Plans for each of the two proposed communities within the ASP area.

Executive Summary (excerpt from Draft ASP)Waterbridge.jpg

The Waterbridge ASP creates a structure to accommodate future new community growth in a
defined area of Lethbridge. It contains land use and development guidance for the general public, developers, landowners, Municipal Planning Commission members and City Council. The Waterbridge ASP links the City’s Integrated Community Sustainability Plan / Municipal Development Plan (ICSP/MDP) to the Land Use Redesignation and Subdivision Process. It take City-wide policy, applies it to a specific geographic area, but further defined and articulates the range of land uses, residential densities, community facilities, open spaces, transportation networks and municipal servicing which are necessary for a new and complete community for the residents of Lethbridge.

Waterbridge is located at the intersection of the future Metis Trail and Chinook Trail alignments in southwest Lethbridge. It will contain two new neighbourhoods, east and west of Metis Trail, encompassing 263 hectares (649 acres), and will, at full build-out, accommodate approximately 8,800 people. The size of Waterbridge enables it to include a variety of low and higher density housing choices and opportunities to incorporate local commercial, recreational and institutional uses. The community offers options for housing, mobility and recreation. The design supports a safe and convenient network of open spaces and pathways which connect the subdivisions to each other. The neighbourhood nodes, combined with the park space nodes, provide focal points for residents to interact and socialize by creating a sense of place. The plan encourages active transportation modes by creating opportunity for a well-connected, modified-grid road pattern. There will be a concerted effort to incorporate the natural open spaces and engineered open spaces (i.e. stormwater facilities) into the overall open space plan.

The Waterbridge Community will develop from east to west gradually over the next few decades. Based on the policies contained in the Waterbridge ASP and market conditions, Outline Plan and Land Use Redesignation applications will proceed for consideration by the Municipal Planning Commission and Council.

Key Contact: Tyson Boylan, Senior Community Planner
Phone: 403-320-3928