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​​Zoning.jpgZoning defines a variety of areas (zones or districts) within the City and details the types of land use allowed within each area.

What zoning districts exist in our city?

Zones have been created for a wide range of residential, commercial, industrial, and public service land uses.  All land in the City of Lethbridge is zoned under one of the following zoning districts: 

  • Commercial (C)

  • Direct Control (DC)

  • Industrial (I)

  • Public Service (P)

  • Residential (R)

  • Urban Reserve (UR)

  • Valley (V)

  • Urban Innovation (UI)


For more information on the regulations associated with specific zoning districts, or for information regarding the zoning of a specific piece of property, please contact Planning & Development, or consul Land Use Bylaw 6300.

What is Direct Control?


Direct Control zones are used to manage special, one-of-a-kind land use situations.  These zones have unique characteristics and have regulations created for the circumstances. 

What is the difference between zoning, land use classification, and districting?


These terms have the same meaning and are often used interchangeably.

Can the zoning of specific properties be changed?


Yes, an application to change the zoning of a specific piece of land can be made by the registered owner or their agent.  The final decision to change the zoning of a property is made by City Council.

Are there fees associated with Rezoning?


Yes, the application fee for rezoning is $5500, or $2500 for properties located within an Area Redevelopment Plan boundary.

Fees for amending neighbourhood plans, Development, and Building Permits are in addition to this fee.


Please be advised that any applications for Land Use Bylaw Amendments (Rezonings) or Area Structure Plan / Area Redevelopment Plan amendments must be submitted to the City of Lethbridge no later than June 28, 2021, in order to be considered for a decision by City Council prior to this year's election. Such applications must be complete and include all required documentation, including technical reports prior to this date. This is because the final City Council meeting, prior to this year's Municipal Election and where public hearings and 2nd and 3rd reading of bylaws can occur, is scheduled for September 7, 2021. Applications for Land Use Bylaw Amendments (Rezonings) or Area Structure Plan / Area Redevelopment Plan amendments can still be made after June 28, 2021,  however, they will not receive first reading until December 2021, at the earliest, due to the incoming City Council first requiring orientation.

* Please note that submission of an application prior to June 28, 2011 does not guarantee a decision in advance of the Municipal Election, if additional information is required or if there is a high volume of applications received. 


Zoning Type: New Subdivisions

Contact: Tyson Boylan

Senior Community Planner
Phone: 403-320-3928

Zoning Type: Established (older) Neighbourhoods

Contact: Ross Kilgour 
Senior Community Planner
Phone: 403-320-4237