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Business Licenses

​​​Who needs a Business License? How much is a Business License?

These answers and more can be found in the information below.

Who Needs a Business License?

Unless otherwise provincially or federally exempt, any business, trade, profession, industry, occupation, employment, calling or anyone providing goods or service in the City of Lethbridge is required to hold a valid City of Lethbridge Business License.


What are the Steps in Getting a Business License?

  1. Visit Regulatory Service at City Hall to get a Business License application form
    • Please bring all supporting documents
  2. Visit Development Services at City Hall to get approval under the Land Use Bylaw
    • Please bring all supporting documents
  3. Obtain any permits or licenses required for your business
  4. Submit your completed application to Regulatory Services/Development Services for review
  5. Once you receive approval you can begin operating your new business

We are here to assist you. If you have any questions please contact us at 403 320 3074.

How Much is a Business License? 

The cost to license your business will vary depending on the type of business you run. For many store front or home based businesses this cost will be $193​ per year.
Click here for a detailed list of Business License Fees.

Click here to read the Business License Bylaw

What are the Basic Purposes of Business Licensing?

  • To provide a fair environment for all businesses operating in the City of Lethbridge
  • It is a registration system where a community can track its economic development and businesses can use the registry as a resource for business planning
  • Allows the City to work closely with the Provincial Government to track and regulate fly by night operators that pose a risk to residents
  • When combined with the development approval process a licensed business ensures that building codes have been adhered to and zoning and other restrictions have been enforced
  • Allows the City to regulate the local taxi industry