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Current Inventory of​ Available Lots​

The following table provides a quick summary of lots that are available for purchase.  For details, please view the associated information below for each community.

​Comm​unity - PhaseNumber Available​​Addresses
​Crossings Phase 3​Sold Out
​Crossings Phase 4
​Sold Out
​RiverStone Phase 11Sold Out 
​RiverStone Phase 17Sold Out​
​RiverStone Phase 22


413 Rivergrove Chase W
405 Rivergrove Chase W
401 Rivergrove Chase W
 393 Rivergrove Chase W
389 Rivergrove Chase W
385 Rivergrove Chase W
381 Rivergrove Chase W
377 Rivergrove Chase W​369 Rivergrove Chase W
341 Rivergrove Chase W
317 Rivergrove Chase W
15 Rivergrove Lane W
27 Rivergrove Lane W
35 Rivergrove Lane W
39 Rivergrove Lane W
 43 Rivergrove Lane W
38 Rivergrove Run W
34 Rivergrove Run W
30 Rivergrove Run W
26 Rivergrove Run W
22 Rivergrove Run W
18 Rivergrove Run W
14 Rivergrove Run W
10 Rivergrove Run W
5 Rivergrove Run W
 2 Rivergrove Run W
320 Rivergrove Chase W
332 Rivergrove Chase W
340 Rivergrove Chase W
344 Rivergrove Chase W