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Sherring Business & Industrial

A development of business and industrial lots providing serviced industrial land for continued industrial growth in Lethbridge.  

Designed to foster business partnerships and economic growth in our city.

The development includes a major sports field complex, commercial area anchored by Wal-Mart, and integrated pathway network and a transitional landscape zone.

 See What Is Available:

Sherring Business & Industrial Park Brochure

Option to Purchase Agreement

To ensure the City of Lethbridge has a sufficient supply of serviced land to attract new commercial and industrial business, the Sherring Business & Industrial Park is expanding! 

There are a few steps to this process:

Step One: Amendment to the Area Structure Plan

An Area Structure Plan (ASP) is a statutory plan that outlines land uses and establishes the general planning framework to guide the growth of future development in matters such as: transportation, servicing networks, schools, parks and commercial locations, trail systems and potential population density.

The Sherring Business & Industrial Park ASP Amendment was approved by Lethbridge City Council on November 28, 2016.            

Updated Sherring Business & Industrial Park Area Structure Plan

Step Two: Amendment to the Outline Plan - WE ARE HERE

An Outline Plan identifies specific locations of land uses and local road networks to support subdivision and rezoning for portions of new developments.  The Plan satisfies goals identified in the City's Land Development Process by creating a unique vision and developing an area concept and infrastructure.  The Outline Plan amendement allows for changes to be considered as new markets emerge and landowner concepts develop.

Step Three:  Rezoning of Land

The rezoning process changes the activities that are allowed to occur on a parcel of land by approval of a bylaw by City Council.  The rezoning process includes a public hearing with City Council where the public can lend support or express concerns for any changes.

Step Four:  Subdivision and Road Plan

The subdivision process creates new parcels of land by plan or survey including parcels for underground and overhead utilities that are called public utility lots or right of ways.  Road plans are also created for new or altered roadways by survey.  Both of these processes are required to conform to the statutory plans above and other approvals. 

Step Five: Construction

Once the planning and approvals are complete, it is time to start building!


Open House:

Come see the conceptual plans for roads, utilities, rail lines, zoning and more!

When: Thursday, February 9th from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.     

Where: TecConnect   3852 - 30th Street North

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