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Nov 11


Starts: 7:00 PM
Ends: 11:00 PM
Location: The Geomatic Attic
A seasoned purveyor of hot twang and battered heart honky tonk, Skinny Dyck is equal parts revivalist and visionary. “I love friggin Haggard, Junior Brown – and the folks that keep it fresh like Howe Gelb” remarks Skin; both elbows on the bar. An apprentice of the pedal steel guitar and an inventive penman of song, the obvious country music influences don’t serve to demystify his talent. Following years as the principal singer/songwriter in Lethbridge roots/country outfit "Treeline," and in the midst of a busy schedule as an in-demand pedal steel player, Dyck has set out to both embrace and challenge the boundaries of vintage and underground country music. "I like to really focus on the technical and performance elements in what are typically fairly simple songs" says Skin from the driver's seat of his sedan. "I think in this genre - maybe every genre - it's a certain balance of heart and craft. The heart is the love you have for music and artistic expression; the craft is the hard work you put towards mastering your trade." The live show reflects a proportioned balance of the aforementioned, highlighted by the occasional steel guitar instrumental or a number from Johnny Paycheck's back catalogue. As fun as it sounds, like a neon sign burning bright on a hot August night, catch Skinny Dyck & the Chicken Catchers next chance you get.
Contact: Mike Spencer
Phone: 403-380-0283