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2017 Census Results

Lethbridge continues to grow with the official 2017 census results showing a population of 98,198, an increase of 1,370 (1.41 per cent) over the 2016 municipal census number.

 "Lethbridge consistently demonstrates a sustainable, healthy rate of growth," says Mayor Chris Spearman. "This stable growth allows the City of Lethbridge to plan effectively for the future of our community."

The City of Lethbridge conducts a census each year to provide an accurate count for provincial and federal per-capita grants. Funding from these sources helps support construction of facilities such as ATB Centre-Phase 2.

"The participation of residents and the commitment of census takers in our yearly census is greatly appreciated," says Aleta Neufeld, City Clerk. "Without the cooperation of our residents, we would not be able to collect the information that we require."   This was the third year the census takers used mobile devices to gather information at the door. 

The census determines the number of people living in each household as well as their ages and sex.  This snapshot of the city's demographics helps City Planners determine what services will be needed in what areas.

The 2017 census numbers show the strongest growth occurred in West Lethbridge with 1,156 new residents. 


Region20172016Change in #'s (2017)Change in % (2017)
North Lethbridge27,45327,1792741.01%
South Lethbridge31,66031,720-60-0.19%
West Lethbridge39,08537,9291,1563.05%
Totals 98,19896,8281,3701.41%

Detailed Census Information will be available online after June 19, 2017 at:

Media Contact:
Aleta Neufeld, City Clerk