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2017 Road Milling and Paving

​Road milling and paving is an important part of the annual road maintenance program for the City of Lethbridge to ensure safe streets for motorists. This year's program is scheduled to begin this week, weather permitting, along sections of the following arterial roads: 

  • Mayor Magrath Drive – from 3 Avenue North to 3 Avenue South
  • Scenic Drive South – from 26 Street South & Mayor Magrath Drive South
  • 6 Avenue South – from 5 Street South to Scenic Drive South
  • 13 Street South – from 5A Avenue South to 6A Avenue South
  • 28 Street North –from 5 Avenue North to 6 Avenue North

Paving of these roads will occur after milling has been completed. Motorists, especially motorcyclists, are urged to drive with caution as road surfaces will be uneven following milling. The timing of any lane reductions and road closures has been planned to limit the impact to traffic, but motorists may still experience minor delays in work areas. For the safety of construction workers, motorists are advised to drive with caution in work areas and to obey any posted speed limits and detours. 

Other roads scheduled for milling and paving this summer include:
Arterial Roads
13 Street South – from 5A Avenue South to 6A Avenue South
Mayor Magrath Drive North - South of 2 Ave N to 3 Ave N
Whoop-Up Drive eastbound off-ramp to northbound Scenic Drive South 

Collector Roads
2A Avenue North – from 12B Street North to 13 Street North
9 Avenue North – from 39 Street North to 43 Street North
36 Street North – from 12 Avenue North to 16 Avenue North
Grand River Boulevard West – from University Drive West to Riverbrook Close West
Henderson Lake Boulevard South – from Mayor Magrath Drive South to 14 Avenue South
McMaster Boulevard West – from Cambridge Road West to Temple Boulevard West
Red Crow Boulevard West – from Lakhota Crescent West to Jerry Potts Boulevard West
Uplands Boulevard North – from 13 Street North to Cougar Road North 

Local Roads
12A Street North – from 5 Avenue North to 6 Avenue North
12C Street North – from 7 Avenue North to 9 Avenue North
14 Avenue North – from 24 Street North to 28 Street North
17 Street North – from 1 Avenue North to 2 Avenue North
18 Street North – from 5 Avenue North to 7 Avenue North
22 Street North – from 2 Avenue North to end
Sylvan Road South – from Lakemount Boulevard South to Glacier Drive South 

For more information on road maintenance and repairs in Lethbridge, visit:

Media Contact:
Robert Kovacs, Senior Project Administrator
City of Lethbridge