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City launches new look Annual Report

​From an innovative election to managing a global pandemic – 2021 was year of change and the City of Lethbridge has embraced that theme by reimagining its Annual Report to the community. By adding a new Digital Storyboard, the City is creating a more accessible, visual and cost effective way to share the year's accomplishments with residents.

"So much amazing work happens across the City every year and we wanted to make sure we are sharing that with as many people as possible," says Tara Grindle, Communications and Engagement Manager for the City of Lethbridge. "We know people don't have time to read through a hundred-page annual report so we created bite-sized stories in a digital format to complement our financial reporting. This new approach also lets us collect data to learn what is of most interest to residents, something we couldn't do with our old format."

In the past, the City's Annual Report compiled both the narrative and the finances into one document that was both printed and provided as an online pdf, a method that wasn't overly engaging or accessible.

Providing transparency into the City's finances is another important goal of the Annual Report.  Understanding how tax dollars are spent helps the community see the value they get living in Lethbridge and builds trust and confidence between residents and local government.

"The financial portion of our Annual Report will remain as it always has, with a comprehensive breakdown of City finances and the 2021 audited financial statements," says City Treasurer, Darrell Mathews. "We know there are residents who are also really interested in the numbers and how their tax dollars are spent. The combination of the stories and numbers give a clear picture to residents of the operations of the City."

On April 26, City Council approved the audited financial statements and the 2021 Annual Report Financials are now available on the City's website.

Any residents wanting a printed copy of the Annual Report stories or financials can do so by contacting the City's customer service contact centre at 311.


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