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3 Avenue downtown set to re-open to traffic this weekend

​Motorists in Downtown Lethbridge will soon welcome back a familiar sight, although it will have some alterations to be aware of.

The initial phase of the 3 Avenue South Reconstruction Project between 4 Street and 8 Street is mostly complete – and ready to re-open to traffic starting on the weekend of November 21-22.

There are some changes to note:

  • Reduced travel lanes on 3 Avenue between 6 Street and 7 Street
  • Intersections will have temporary stop signs
  • New signals to be installed in the next month
  • Temporary streetlights will be installed, the new lights will be delivered and installed after Christmas
  • New raised parking areas to provide new parking options. Please note that these are not sidewalks
  • Temporary surfacing on some of the sidewalk, tree and landscaped areas. These are for carryover through the winter and will be completed in 2021
  • There is concrete work that will need to be completed in 2021 at the 6 Street and 7 Street intersections
  • There is only one lift of asphalt on the roadway. When completed, there will be a second lift added and the lip on the curb will no longer be present


As one of the oldest streets in Lethbridge, 3 Avenue South has always been a vital part of the community, once serving as the main east/west highway through the city. This project will not only provide important utility and infrastructure upgrades to the street but it will also enhance the aesthetics of 3 Avenue.

Over the next two years, major enhancements will be made to our downtown by installing reliable infrastructure and creating a street that is a safe, lively, accessible and beautiful. When completed, 3 Avenue will boast Lethbridge's first streetscaped design. Streetscaping brings together all of the elements that will give 3 Avenue character and make it functional like lighting, seating, paving materials and plants/trees.

Originating in the Public Realm and Transportation Study (PRATS) (2012), this project was approved by City Council in the current Capital Improvement Program with a total budget of just over $10 million. Extensive public and stakeholder engagement leading up to the launch of the project and will continue that through the duration of the construction to keep everyone update on progress.

For more information on this project visit or stop by the project office at 616 3 Avenue South.