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Community invited to next round of 3 Ave Beautification engagement

​The 3 Ave Beautification project will rejuvenate the 1.6 km corridor from Stafford Drive to Mayor Magrath Drive and residents are invited to give their feedback on the plans developed to date. The goal of this project is to design both the esthetics and the function of the street, creating a safe, friendly, vibrant and appealing space for not just cars but also transit, pedestrians and cyclists.

Back in June, the project team hosted an online Drawing in Dialogue exercise with stakeholders. Those inspirations were shared with the public in June/July for additional feedback. Now that this information has been collected and compiled into more detailed plans, the public can again provide feedback via an online forum.

This next phase of engagement will include a presentation along with a survey/forum where participants will be able to look at the different corridor options that have been created, based on the feedback gathered and the feasibility of implementation and maintenance.

3 Ave S Beautification – Online Community Engagement
Date: November 5, 2020
Time: 2 p.m. or 6 p.m.

How to join: These engagement sessions are open to the public and will be delivered online via Microsoft Teams. There is no pre-registration required. The links to the sessions will be made active at when the sessions go live.


For Public Inquiries:

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