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Major construction winding down at ATB Centre

As crews finish up the majority of construction in Phase 2 of ATB Centre, the future home of the Cor Van Raay YMCA, the focus will shift to testing equipment and training staff ahead of the facility opening later this spring.

With a combined budget of just over $150 million for both phases of ATB Centre, this new building represents the most significant investment in a community facility in the history of Lethbridge. When the doors open to the expansive Cor Van Raay YMCA at ATB Centre, it will be the third largest YMCA in North America.

"We know the community is eagerly anticipating the opening of this building." says Ashley Matthews, Project Coordinator for the City of Lethbridge Recreation and Culture department. "Although we haven't set an official opening date yet, we are getting much closer. The pools are being filled this week and once they are commissioned and we complete the needed testing and staff training we will work with the YMCA to determine the exact opening date."

The YMCA of Lethbridge, the operators of phase 2 of the ATB Centre, have started their move-in process with fitness equipment and furnishings arriving over the last several weeks.

"We are getting really excited to get our staff in here and start the training process," says Jennifer Petracek-Kolb, CEO of the YMCA of Lethbridge. "We know there is still a lot of work to do before we open the doors to the community but we are getting closer to that goal every day."

ATB Centre will also be home to Jugo Juice which will provide food services and Lime Physical Therapy which will offer wellness services within the building. These spaces are leased through the YMCA as the building operators and both sites are expected to be open for business when the Cor Van Raay YMCA at ATB Centre opens this spring. An additional retail space is also being developed and will be filled after the facility opens.

Along with a construction project of this magnitude come some impressive numbers, including these fun facts about ATB Centre Phase 2.

  • The four pools hold a combined 1,806,000 L of water. That's equivalent to what 9,541 elephants would drink in a day.
  • The building of ATB Centre Phase 2 provided $20 million in local contracts and many out-of-town contractors also used local labour - a big boost to our city's economy.
  • Heat from the ice plant refrigeration units in phase 1 is being used to preheat water for taps, showers and the pools as well as the in-floor heating system in the change rooms of phase 2, making the building more energy efficient.
  • There are 258 concrete piles in the ground, supporting the building and 200 screw piles in the ground, supporting the pools.
  • The building includes 140,000 concrete blocks.
  • There is over 5,000 cubic meters of concrete in the floors, pool decks/basins, and sidewalks.
  • A total of 805 units of glass were used, 477 of which are View Dynamic (dimmable) glass which reduces glare and heat load to the inside of the building.
  • Solar panels have been installed on the roof. These solar panels will supplement the power to the building with capacity to add more panels in the future.
  • 4 electric car chargers have been installed.
  • The parking lot lights dim when the parking lot is not in usage to save energy and create less light pollution, however will brighten on vehicle movement.
  • The facility has 47,000 meters of data cable and 13,000 meters of TV cable and 7,200 meters of fiber optic strands.
  • The building has all LED lighting to be more energy efficient 
  • There are 2.8 million pounds of steel in the building.

The first of two public art pieces has been installed at ATB Centre Phase 2. Near and Far, a mural concept for the aquatics centre is now up in the facility. The Ball is in Your Court, a series of paintings in the atrium and gymnasium, will be installed in March.

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