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Annual Road Milling and Repaving 2022 Phase Two

​Phase two of the annual road maintenance program for the City of Lethbridge includes road milling and paving which is an important part of ensuring there are safe streets for motorists.

Milling for phase two begins Friday, July 22, weather permitting, along sections of the following arterial, collector and local roads:

  • 3 Avenue South from 14 Street South to 17 Street South
  • 3 Avenue South from 17 Street South to 19 Street South
  • Columbia Boulevard West from the Lafayette Ramp (McMaster) to Lafayette Boulevard West
  • Stafford Avenue North from Stafford Drive North to 8 Street North
  • 32 Street South from 3 Avenue South to 1 Avenue South
  • 4 Avenue South from 15 Street South to it's end
  • 16 Street South from 6 Avenue South to 5 Avenue South
  • 12B Street North from 7 Avenue North and 9 Avenue South
  • 9 Street North from 9 Avenue North to Stafford Avenue North
  • 3 Street South from 8A Avenue South to 7A Avenue South
  • 17 Street South from 7 Avenue South to 6 Avenue South
  • 6A Avenue South from it's end to 4 Street South
  • 19 Street South from 9 Avenue South to 8 Avenue South

Milling is a mobile operation from one selected road to another and will be throughout the City for the next week. Paving of these roads will occur after milling has been completed. Motorists, especially motorcyclists, are urged to drive with caution as road surfaces will be uneven following milling and as always obey any posted speed limits and detours.

The timing of any lane reductions and road closures has been planned to limit the impact to traffic, but motorists may still experience minor delays in work areas. 

For Public Inquiries:

Call 311 |  Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.