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Early morning fire in south Lethbridge

‚ÄčAt approximately 4 a.m., Friday March 29, Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Service responded to fire alarms at 925-15 St. S.

Initial crews on scene entered the three story apartment building to find it smoke filled with residents evacuating. Firefighters responded to the second floor to quickly extinguish a fire which appeared to have started in the parking garage below. Although structural damage was minimal, smoke damage was significant.

Crews rescued five residents from the upper floors of the building with no injuries reported. Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services responded with 20 crew from four stations.

The fire investigation has been completed and due to the extensive damage, the cause of the fire could not be determined. The complex has now been turned back over to the owner.

Media Contact:
Heath Wright, Chief Fire Marshall
Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services
Phone: 403-320-3810