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Construction begins on City’s first bike boulevard

​​​​On Tuesday, September 5, work will begin on Lethbridge's first ever bike boulevard, a corridor designed to lower vehicle speeds while giving cyclists travel priority.

The creation of the bike boulevard will include numerous intersection changes along 7 Ave. S between 4 St. S & Mayor Magrath Dr. S to take place over the next several weeks. It is expected to be fully open to cyclists by mid-November at the latest.

The work will begin at the intersection of 7 Ave. S and 20 St. S. with the first of several mini roundabouts. This design will slow vehicle traffic while giving pedestrians and cyclists a continuous throughway. Motorists should be aware of possible detours. Please watch for signs and slow down when passing workers.

Other changes on the bike boulevard will include:

  • New traffic control lights installed on 7 Ave. S & 13 St. S to divert vehicles off of 7 Ave. S and allow cyclists and pedestrians to continue through on the bike boulevard corridor.
  • Construction of eight mini-roundabouts on 7 Ave. S between now and the middle of November. This will be done in a staged approach along the corridor. Much of this work will involve concrete and specialized paint.
  • A new permanent speed limit of 30km/hr on 7 Ave. S.
  • Stop signs that halted traffic along 7 Ave. S. will be switched to instead stop traffic approaching 7 Ave. This will create an uninterrupted flow of traffic down the 7 Ave. corridor.

Residents impacted by this work will receive notices to their home before the construction begins.

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Media Contact:
Robert Kovacs, Project Manager
City of Lethbridge