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Blue Cart Blitz About to Begin

​Rows upon rows of blue carts are ready to be delivered to houses across Lethbridge as the curbside recycling program gets set to begin in May.  

Blue carts are scheduled to be delivered to all Lethbridge homes between April 15 and May 10. Residents are reminded that they might not want to start filling their blue carts immediately as the curbside recycling pickup will not begin until all of the carts are delivered. Depending on what part of the city residents live in, the first blue cart pick-up will happen between May 14 and the 24.

"The development of this program has been a huge undertaking," says Joel Sanchez, General Manager of the City's Waste and Recycling department. "To see all the carts set up and ready to be delivered is really exciting for our staff and for the community as a whole."

Over the next several weeks, trucks will be arriving in neighbourhoods and dropping off carts to the front of each home. Signage will be placed in areas where delivery is happening to ensure the safety of residents and workers. Currently, crews are planning to start delivery in north Lethbridge followed by the south and finishing in west Lethbridge.

If residents notice carts have been delivered in their neighbours but not to their house, they are asked to wait for a couple of days before calling Lethbridge 311 as all carts may not arrive at the same time.

When residents receive their cart, they are asked to review the important information provided and store their cart on their property until their first pickup day. An envelope will be stuck to the cart, containing a user guide that outlines the ins and outs of curbside recycling. It will also contain a map showing the first blue cart pickup dates for each area of the city along with tips for managing bi-weekly garbage collection. These materials are also available now in the tools section of

Residents are reminded to sign-up for the City's Waste Wizard tool to print off collection schedules, set up text or email reminders and search materials they aren't sure about. The Waste Wizard can be found at

The day of the week collections are done in each neighbourhood will not change with the introduction of curbside recycling. What will change is the switch to bi-weekly collection. After the first blue cart collection, residents will alternate putting out their black carts one week and blue carts the next.

For more information on what goes in the blue cart and more importantly, what needs to be left out, visit or contact one of our customer service specialists by calling 311.

For public inquires:
Call Lethbridge 311 Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Media Contact:
Joel Sanchez, General Manager, Waste and Recycling
City of Lethbridge
Phone: 403-320-3037