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Bus’d a move to the new transit terminal

Tomorrow's the day to Bus'd a Move! Transit riders are reminded that starting Wednesday, August 28, the downtown Lethbridge Transit hub will move from 4 Ave. S. to the new Lethbridge Regional Park 'n' Ride Transit Terminal located behind the post office (705 – 5 Ave. S.).

Riders will find signage posted in and around the new facility directing them to the correct pick-up and drop-off locations for each route. Additionally, Transit staff will also be on-hand to help assist with the transition.

There will be minor route changes as buses move from 4 Ave. to the new location. These are included in the newest version of the Transit Ride Guide, will appear in the MyRide app as of August 28 and will be posted on the City and Lethbridge Transit websites. These minor changes will not have any significant impact on current route times.  

After testing the routes, it has been determined that nine bus stops in the downtown area will be decommissioned, as opposed to the eight previously announced. Anyone using these previous stops should instead, go to the new building (see map). These stops have been marked with signage informing riders of this change.

Road work has also been completed around the facility and all intersections have now re-opened to motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Along with Lethbridge Transit, Red Arrow will also operate out of the Park 'n' Ride and will begin offering services from the new building on Wednesday, September 4.

The new Transit Terminal will provide residents with a comfortable and safe location to access regional and City transit service that is protected from the weather and offers amenities such as transit pass purchasing and washroom facilities.

The facility's grand opening event will be held on Friday, September 6 with free transit being provided for the entire day.

To access real-time transit information visit or download the Lethbridge Transit app. For more information on the Lethbridge Regional Park 'n' Ride Transit Terminal project visit

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Media Contact:
Scott Grieco, Lethbridge Transit Operations Manager
City of Lethbridge