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Call now to schedule fall leaf collection

The Fall Leaf Collection Program is now underway. Between October 4 and November 12 residents can request an appointment to have their bagged leaves picked up for free.

Residents can arrange a pick-up for their fall leaves by calling 311, Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Staff will submit the service request and provide callers with a date when they can expect their leaves to be collected.

Leaves must be put in paper yard waste bags and placed in the area where garbage is normally collected approximately 24 hours ahead of the pick-up date and placed 1.5 meters away from waste collection carts. Residents whose waste collection is in the front are asked to place leaf bags where their property meets the sidewalk.

 Only paper yard waste bags are accepted for the Fall Leaf Collection Program because all leaves and bags will be composted together, reducing landfill waste. Paper yard waste bags are available for purchase at retail stores throughout Lethbridge. There is no limit on the number of bags which may be set out for collection, but filled paper bags must not exceed a weight limit of 10 kg (25 lb) each. Residents can request up to two collections at no cost.

Last year, the Fall Leaf Collection Program helped divert 70 tonnes of leaves away from the City landfill, creating nutrient rich compost to be used in City parks.

If residents choose not to use the Fall Leaf Collection Program, they can also mulch their leaves, back-yard compost them or take them to any of the three City of Lethbridge Yard Waste Recycling sites, which remain open until November 14.


For more information on the Residential Fall Leaf Collection Program please visit or call 311.

For Public Inquiries:

Call 311 |  Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.