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Celebrating Community Animal Services

​The second week of April is dedicated to Animal Control and Care Appreciation Week. The City of Lethbridge celebrates the work being done by Community Animal Services and their dedication to the safety of residents and animals within the city. 

Skylar Plourde is no stranger to the work of animal welfare in Lethbridge, previously working in enforcement for more than seven years with Lethbridge Animal Services. As the new contractor of the City of Lethbridge facility along with partner Skylar Edmonds, Community Animal Services is prepared to undertake the needs of the community as the city's animal control agency. Plourde says they're focusing on becoming a partner with the community and moving forward with educational and preventative-based programming to further address some of the needs going on in the community.

Currently the facility sees hundreds of cats and dogs come through their doors and receives thousands of calls a year. The team consists of animal care workers, animal control officers and operational staff. These folks work to ensure pets find their way home if lost, homes are found for adoptable animals and work to help make the community safer in terms of animal control.

"Staff are provided with educational opportunities to understand the care they're providing and why," says Plourde. This training is part of the new program development at Community Animal Services to equip staff with the tools and knowledge to best serve the public through employee driven initiatives.

When asked about how what things are like as an animal at the facility, adoptable cat Aspen (pictured) proceeded to purr contently as he snuggled onto his bed.

For more information on the services and programs from Community Animal Services, please visit their website

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