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Going away in April? Give us a call!

‚ÄčThe City of Lethbridge is encouraging residents to phone in their Census information if they plan on being away during the Census collection period.

The Census collection period is from April 1 - 23 and Census takers will be delivering a white card to each household notifying residents of their Personal Identification Number (PIN). This number allows residents to enter their Census information online at

If residents are concerned about this card being left at their door as they will be away during the collection period, the Office of the City Clerk is able to take their information on the phone.

"For those residents who travel south for the spring or who know they will be away during Census collection time, we're strongly encouraging them to phone in their information," says Aleta Neufeld, City Clerk. "Concerns have been raised about Census cards being left on doors, so to prevent that from happening, we're asking residents to phone in their information prior to April 1 so a card will not be delivered."

Whether completing the census online or at the door, residents will be asked to answer three quick questions about their household.

Census takers will be out in the community for the first three weeks of April and will be wearing photo identification.  All information provided during this process is confidential and secure.

To provide your Census information early call the Office of the City Clerk at 403 320 3030.


Media Contact:

Aleta Neufeld, City Clerk
City of Lethbridge