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Census coming soon to your door, time to count yourself in

​Next month, the City of Lethbridge will ask residents three questions: the number of people living at the address, their age and their sex.

Lethbridge residents will soon receive a white card at their door containing a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which can be used to complete their census online at: City of Lethbridge Census Workers will deliver the cards between April 1-4, with the census available online beginning April 1.

Starting April 5, census takers will go door-to-door for those that have not completed the census online. They will have City identification.

As the most recent Municipal Census was taken in 2019, it is important to participate. The City of Lethbridge census provides an accurate population count of the number of people living in the city and has essential purposes such as:

  • Helps the Municipality understand immediate and future needs
  • Plan for recreational spaces, community facilities, roadways, maintenance and equipment, emergency services, waste management, schools, infrastructure and more
  • To assess existing growth and service targets as well as long-term requirements for capital development and operational planning
  • Is used by various facilities, organizations, industry and social profit sectors and other levels of Government

If you will be away during the census collection period of April 1-23, please call the City of Lethbridge at 403-320-3030 with your census information.  

The 2023 Municipal Census numbers will be released in mid-June.

For Public Inquiries:

Call 311 |  Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.