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Census is Underway

The annual Lethbridge census is now underway, and it's time to count yourself in.

Lethbridge residents will receive a white card at their door containing a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which can be used to complete their census online at: The cards will be delivered until April 5.

"The purpose of the census is to help the City of Lethbridge maximize the per-capita funding we receive from other orders of government." says Deputy City Clerk David Sarsfield. "These funds are used for community facility projects such as the new west Lethbridge Fire Station and Legacy Park in north Lethbridge."

In 2017, 36 percent of City residents completed the census online. For any residents unable to complete the census online, door-to-door census collection begins April 6, 2018.

Whether completing the census online or at the door, residents will be asked to answer four brief questions about their address, sex, age and the number of residents in each household. Census takers will be in the community for the first three weeks of April and will be wearing photo identification.  All information provided during this process is confidential and secure.

The City's population in 2017 was 98,198.

Media Contact:
David Sarsfield, Deputy City Clerk
City of Lethbridge