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Change to West Lethbridge road construction to minimize congestion

To help reduce traffic pressures from two major road construction projects on the south end of west Lethbridge, immediate and ongoing changes are being made to construction plans and traffic management.

The City will be delaying improvements at McMaster Blvd. W., Macleod Dr. W. and Mt. Burke Blvd. W. and the north/south movement through the intersection will re-open later this evening. This will be in effect until the congestion on University Dr. can be accommodated. 

Starting today, the length of the north/south green lights has been extended to help more traffic flow along University Dr. This is anticipated to help manage the peak volumes during commuting hours.

Additional signage will be added and dedicated flag people will be in place on University Dr., particularly around the Community Stadium during upcoming events.

Many residents have expressed concerns with emergency response to the impacted neighbourhoods. Lethbridge Emergency Services has been involved in the planning of these projects in order to manage their response times. Residents are reminded to quickly and safely pull to the right whenever they come across an emergency vehicle and allow them to pass.

The City has a traffic management plan in the event of an emergency such as an evacuation which is adaptable to all areas of the city. This process includes road closures to flow all available lanes of traffic in one direction and safely move residents as quickly as possible.

Within the next two weeks, work will progress on University Dr. opening up an additional two lanes north of the Community Stadium which will increase traffic flow.  

The City of Lethbridge will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments as required. This is particularly important while schools are still in and to keep these projects on schedule.

We recognize the impact this has had on the west Lethbridge community and thank residents for their patience and understanding. We appreciate the public's feedback and will provide ongoing construction updates to keep motorists informed.


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