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Chlorine levels in City water increased as safety precaution

​Residents may notice a stronger than usual chlorine odor and taste to the City's water supply as chlorine levels have been increased in recent days. The water remains safe for drinking, cooking and bathing. 

Due to regional runoff into the river from the recent snowmelt, there is a high level of debris in the river water entering the water treatment plant. In order to assure continued, safe drinking water to the community, the water treatment plant staff have increased the levels of chlorine in the water. This change will likely be noticeable in the next few days as it makes its way through the system.  Thank for your patience, as the challenging river conditions are expected to last through next week or longer as snow accumulations continue to melt west of the City.

Chlorine is used to disinfect water so it is safe for drinking purposes. This chemical destroys micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses that can pose a threat to public health.

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Media contact: 
Doug Kaupp
City of Lethbridge, General Manager - Water and Wastewater