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City Council Highlights - April 24, 2017

2015-2018 downtown housing incentive program fully subscribed

A new incentive to spur downtown housing development from is already fully subscribed with 53 units in development, City Council was informed. Council allocated $1.6 million in the current 4-year operating budget for the Heart of Our City Housing Incentive Program, which provides $30,000 per new housing unit developed. In an update from administration, Council was informed that only 2 years into the 4-year program, it is fully subscribed and a further 16-23 units are on a waiting list for further funding, if it becomes available.

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Council updated on mobility improvements

City Council was briefed on mobility improvements that have taken place around the city in 2015 and 2016. In that time, 136 new wheelchair-accessible ramps have been installed in addition to 6 sidewalk links to address gaps in the sidewalk network. The improvements were done as part of a new initiative in the 2015-2018 operating budget.

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New addressing requirements approved

City Council approved a new Naming and Addressing Bylaw which introduces new property addressing requirements intended to help residents, service providers and emergency responders get to the right place at the right time, every time. Residential, commercial and industrial property owners will have 24 months to comply with a new requirement for address numbers to be plainly displayed on the rear of their properties if the property is along a back alley. Properties with no back alley are exempt from this new rear address requirement.

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How Council Voted

Resolution In Favour Opposed
To approve the new Naming and Addressing Bylaw (Bylaw 6049). CARRIED J. Carlson
J. Coffman
B. Hyggen
L. Iwaskiw
B. Mearns
R. Miyashiro
R. Parker
C. Spearman
Absent: J. Mauro