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City Council Highlights - April 30, 2018

Planning begins for future of Lethbridge Airport

An Airport Transition Committee has been established to ensure a seamless transfer of ownership, oversee the development of a new governance model, and begin planning future enhancements for the Lethbridge Airport. In March, an agreement in principle was jointly approved by both councils to transfer ownership of the Lethbridge Airport to the City of Lethbridge from Lethbridge County. The County and the City continue to work closely to have all formal agreements in place by June this year for the formal transfer of ownership and governance.

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Road Maintenance Tax change

City Council approved an update to the City's tax bylaw which will change how Lethbridge property owners are taxed for road maintenance. The same overall amount for road maintenance will be collected, but it will be collected differently in a way that ensures some residents don't pay a disproportionate share. Previously, the cost of road maintenance was shared by about 75 per cent of property owners whose properties were more than 10 years old; now it will be shared by all property owners.

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How Council Voted

Resolution In Favour Opposed
To approve a bylaw amendment to eliminate the Special Tax for Road Maintenance, which was based on front footage of lots and charged only to properties more than 10 years old, and instead use a more equitable method of collecting these funds through property taxes and basing them on property assessment values.
M. Campbell
J. Carlson
J. Coffman
B. Crowson
B. Hyggen
R. Miyashiro
R. Parker
C. Spearman
J. Mauro
Absent: None