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City Council Highlights - Feb. 27, 2014

2016 Tour of Alberta Organizing Committee reports event was a success

The chairperson of the local organizing committee for the the 2016 Tour of Alberta presented a final report to City Council indicating the Lethbridge stage of the five-day international cycling race was well attended, had the support of 175 race-day volunteers, and reached an international TV audience of 37 million. Council was also informed that the event finished under budget, and that $25,229 of of the $300,000 Council approved for the event from the Major Community Event Hosting Grant will be returned to the grant program.

Read the related documents and watch the discussion

Funding extended for Rent Supplement program

City Council members approved a request from Social Housing In Action (SHIA) to use $60,000 in unallocated Municipal Block Funding to extend the Rent Supplement program for access to affordable housing. The block funding is provided by the provincial government for municipalities to allocate to local affordable housing initiatives.

Read the related documents and watch the debate

How Council Voted

Resolution In Favour Opposed
To approve the request from Social Housing In Action for $60,000 in unallocated Municipal Block Funding to be used to extend the Rent Supplement programfor Housing First clients who need affordable housing.

J. Carlson
J. Coffman
B. Hyggen
L. Iwaskiw
B. Mearns
R. Miyashiro
C. Spearman

Absent: J. Mauro, R. Parker