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City Council Highlights - July 23, 2018

Council briefed on new, program-based approach to upcoming Operating Budget

Council members were briefed on program-based budgeting as a way of making operating budget information easier to understand and providing  Council with a comprehensive inventory of City programs and their respective budget allocations. The information was presented in response to direction given by Council in May calling for administration to present the budget in a program-based framework that clearly identifies financial investments by the service or program provided. Prior to deliberations scheduled this fall for a new four-year operating budget, Council has also directed administration to maintain current service levels as well as absorb inflation and community growth pressures.

Read the related documents and watch the discussion

Proposed resolution to direct ARCHES to end clean need distribution is defeated by 5-4 vote

After more than two hours of discussion and debate, City Council members voted 5-4 against a proposed resolution to direct ARCHES to stop the distribution of clean needles from the Supervised Consumption Site. ARCHES is a local agency that delivers provincially-mandated harm reduction services to drug users and operates the Supervised Consumption Site in Lethbridge.

Read the related documents and watch the debate

How Council Voted

Resolution In Favour Opposed
That City Council direct ARCHES to stop the distribution of needles leaving the Supervised Consumption Site; and further that needles distributed in the Supervised Consumption Site be used only within that site.

M. Campbell
B. Hyggen
J. Mauro
R. Parker

J. Carlson
J. Coffman
B. Crowson
R. Miyashiro
C. Spearman

Absent: None