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City Council approves 2021 Public Art Work Plan

​Lethbridge City Council on Tuesday voted 7-2 to approve the 2021 Public Art Work Plan. To enable greater clarity and increase transparency, Council will now approve public art projects before they are initiated.

On September 21, 2020, City Council approved changes to Public Art Policy CC30 which include the adoption of a new "gating" process. Approval of the 2021 Public Art Work Plan is the first step in transitioning to the new Policy language.

"This Work Plan includes information on public art projects currently in progress and outlines projects to be initiated this year," says Jillian Bracken, Manager, Community Arts and Culture.

All recommendations presented in the Work Plan are supported by the City's Public Art Committee, which serves as an advisory committee under the Recreation and Culture Department.

This one-year plan will also bridge the gap to the next CIP cycle. Beyond 2021, the Public Art Program will return to Council with four-year work plans following each CIP funding allocation. The Public Art Program will also return annually to Council with reports on work completed in the previous year.

The full plan will be posted to the City's website soon.