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City Council approves transfer of provincial housing dollars

​City Council has approved a transfer of provincial dollars to a new housing project aimed at supporting vulnerable women in the community.

Streets Alive Mission, a local not-for-profit aimed at providing physical, emotional and social support to those in need, have embarked on a transitional housing project for women. The project will create a 20 bed facility that will provide a safe, supportive and affordable housing environment for women as they participate in a recovery program.

The $300,000.00 in provincial funding is allocated from the Affordable Housing Municipal Block Funding Program. Deputy Mayor Belinda Crowson says this project is aligned with the Municipal Housing Strategy and will provide a much needed support in the community.

"This housing project will provide safe, secure and supported housing for some of the most vulnerable people in our community," says Crowson. "This is an objective that directly corresponds to our Municipal Housing Strategy and one that will support and empower women to get back on their feet for the duration of their recovery."

In addition to the provincial funding, the City has also contributed $125,000.00 from the Housing Fund. The fund provides financial support through the Housing Capital grant program. According to Streets Alive Mission, the total cost of the housing project is just over $1.7 million dollars, with more than $1.3 million dollars being generated by community donor contributions.

Community Social Development manager, Martin Thomsen, says this project is a critical part of the housing continuum for the city and aids in addressing some of the current social issues being experienced in the community.

"We know there is a need for more supported housing in our city and this project will help in addressing this very issue," says Thomsen. "This project has the ability to provide support for individuals as they move through their recovery process in a safe and meaningful way."

This is the first time the local not-for-profit has received funding from the Municipal Block Funding Program or the City's Housing program.


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