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Removal of snow around fire hydrants can save lives

Firefighters can lose precious time searching for, and digging out fire hydrants hiding under the snow. Residents and businesses are strongly encouraged to clear the snow away from fire hydrants near their property, a good deed that could help save a life.

During the winter months, hydrants can become buried under snow and ice, making them very difficult to find. While the location of all City hydrants are mapped out, it is time-consuming and dangerous when crews responding to a fire have to locate the hydrant and dig away the snow, while the fire continues to burn.

A fire can double in size every 30 seconds so accessing the hydrant quickly is critical. The City of Lethbridge suggests that businesses consider incorporating snow removal around nearby hydrants into their safety programs. Both residents and businesses should clear a path to the hydrant from the road, and within one meter around the hydrant. Snow piles should be removed so the hydrant is easily spotted from the road.

The following video, provided by the Grande Prairie Fire Department, demonstrates how keeping hydrants clear, may save a life:

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