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Community-Satisfaction-Survey 2018

Perceptions about the quality of life in Lethbridge continue to be extremely positive among city residents, according to a recent poll by Ipsos Public Affairs.  

Overall satisfaction with City of Lethbridge programs and services also remains very high, and perceptions of municipal government remain positive, according to the 2018 Community Satisfaction Survey commissioned by the City of Lethbridge. Results were presented today to Finance Committee.

"This survey provides important information that helps guide City Council regarding budget matters and other important decisions," said Councillor Mark Campbell, who chairs the Open and Effective Government Committee of City Council. "It is important for us to rely on statistically valid information to help inform our decision making in the next few years. We appreciate all residents who took the time to complete the survey." 

Of Lethbridge residents surveyed, 97 per cent responded that the overall quality of life in Lethbridge was very good or good. Meanwhile, 88 per cent responded that they were very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with City programs and services, a slight decrease from 93 per cent in the last survey in 2014.  

When asked about their perceptions of municipal government, 82 per cent of respondents agreed that the City of Lethbridge is accountable to the community for leadership and good governance, unchanged from 2014. Meanwhile, 81 per cent agreed that the City practices open and accessible government, also unchanged from 2014.  

Ipsos Public Affairs conducted the random telephone survey of 400 Lethbridge adults from April 11-22, 2018. Survey results are accurate within 4.9 per cent, 19 times out of 20. Age and gender composition reflects that of the actual Lethbridge population aged 18 or older. The survey was undertaken to gather data regarding citizens' attitudes towards local issues, their quality of life, municipal services, communication needs, municipal finances, and other priorities. 

Complete survey results are available at  

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