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Community-wide engagement on Cart Relocation Project

​The City of Lethbridge is asking residents for their feedback on the Waste and Recycling Cart Relocation Project, providing input on the project's next steps and how it may impact them.

The City of Lethbridge collects garbage and recycling for more than 34,000 households every week. Whether your waste and recycling carts are being collected in your back lane or in front of your residence, the City wants to hear from you.

The short survey can be found at:

Following several internal and external assessments, the City began the Cart Relocation Project in 2017. The project identified key neighbourhood areas where it is more efficient and safer to have waste carts collected from the front of residences, rather than from the rear lanes.

Changing the collection location for these neighbourhoods saves on direct collection costs, while also reducing financial liability for items such as snow and ice control in lanes, as well as premature lane degradation.

Since the start of the project, approximately 3,800 households have been relocated to front collection.

The survey will be open until August 1. Results of the survey will be shared at the Economic SPC meeting on September 28.

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