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Compensation Disclosure List to be updated on City’s website annually

​City Council approved today that a Compensation Disclosure List identifying position titles, salary ranges and information about pension and benefits for all employment positions and elected officials at the City of Lethbridge be made public yearly on the City of Lethbridge website.

This approach to salary disclosure is in line with other cities like Calgary and Red Deer who publish lists on their respective websites.

 "As more and more citizens use social media as a way to seek out information, it becomes even more important for local government to be open and transparent, providing factual information wherever we can," says Councillor Jeffrey Coffman.  "By adding a Compensation Disclosure List to the City's website, we are allowing our citizens access to the information they may be seeking about public dollars from a credible source."

Employee names and exact salaries will not be published, but position title, salary range and general information about pension and benefits will be listed.  This approach will help balance the opportunity to provide factual information while respecting employees' privacy.

"City Council is committed to accountable leadership and financial stewardship in our strategic plan," says Coffman.  "This is one more way we can be accountable to the citizens we serve."

City Council directed the City Manager to make this information public on the City's website, in conjunction with the release of the City of Lethbridge annual report.


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