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Council’s 2022 meeting calendar, deputy and acting mayor rotation set

​After a busy few weeks with the 2021 Municipal Election, Swearing-In Ceremony and the start of a month-long orientation, the new Lethbridge City Council has now made its first decisions together.

At its annual Organizational Meeting on Monday, Council voted to adopt the 2022 Council and Standing Policy Committee (SPC) meeting calendar, to approve the Deputy Mayor and Acting Mayor schedule (2021-2025) and to confirm administration appointments to Boards, Commissions and Committees.

Adoption and publication of the 2022 Council and Standing Policy Committee Meeting Calendar assists with planning and scheduling and ensures an efficient and transparent notification process for the public, which meets legislated requirements. With approval and posting on the website of the 2022 Council and SPC Meeting Calendar, the public will have notice of regularly scheduled meetings for 2022.

The selection for Deputy and Acting Mayor was made following direction from the 2017- 2021 Council at their August 24, 2021, meeting. The schedule chosen was the Councillor with the most votes will be the first Acting Mayor, the Councillor with the next most votes as the second Acting Mayor, and so on. The term as Deputy Mayor would be prior to their term as Acting Mayor.

As such, Councillor Rajko Dodic is the current Acting Mayor and Councillor Belinda Crowson is the current Deputy Mayor. The primary responsibilities of the Acting Mayor and Deputy Mayor are to act as the Mayor's representative when the Mayor is unavailable, or, as requested by the Mayor to support Mayoral functions. The 2021-2025 Schedule of Deputy and Acting Mayor rotation is available for viewing on the City of Lethbridge website and is now in effect.

The appointment of members of Administration to committees provides subject matter expertise and promotes collaboration and collective decision-making with Council and public members, ensuring that residents, communities and customers of the City are better served.

The following members of Administration have been appointed to the following Committees for a one-year term, effective January 1, 2022: Travis Grindle to the Combative Sports Commission; Lloyd Brierley to the Regional Trail Steering Committee; and Doug Kaupp, to the Oldman Watershed Council.

Additionally, in a Motion Arising, Council voted to amend the 2021 Council and SPC Calendar by moving the November 16, 2021, Council Meeting to a day earlier, November 15, 2021, based on the needs of the new Council in order to travel on November 16 to the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) Conference in Edmonton.