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Council approves 2020 City of Lethbridge Annual Report

​Lethbridge City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to approve the 2020 City of Lethbridge Annual Report – a document that reflects on efforts made during a year unlike any before it.

The Annual Report is a cornerstone of the City's commitment to open, transparent government and helps residents understand how their tax dollars and other municipal funds are managed. It outlines the money needed to operate and grow our City, as well as the taxes and grant money collected to pay for these expenses.

Many City departments, including Parks, Transit and Bylaws, had to make significant changes in 2020 due to the new challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Despite the challenges in 2020, our City and our community have shown great resiliency through the pandemic," says Councillor Rob Miyashiro, who is also chair of the Audit Committee.

Two major highlights of 2020 were the announcements of $11 million in provincial funding for airport pavement rehabilitation and lighting upgrades, as well as $900,000 for the development of a Festival Square Market Plaza. These are both part of an ambitious strategy to create jobs with shovel-ready projects in Lethbridge.

Section 276 of the Municipal Government Act requires for each municipality to prepare annual financial statements of the municipality for the immediately preceding year. The Audit Committee reviewed the City of Lethbridge Annual Report at the March 31, 2021 Meeting and recommended its approval.

The full 110-page document can be viewed here.

It will soon be posted here: