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Council approves 2021-2022 Operating Budget

Lethbridge City Council on Monday voted 7-2 to adopt the Finance Committee's recommendations to amend the City of Lethbridge's 2021-2022 Operating Budget.

Finance Committee met from November 23 to 28 to deliberate the Operating Budget with the goal of reducing spending to see a 0% property tax rate increase and a 0% utility rate increase for 2021. With the Operating Budget approval, the 2021-2022 average annual change in municipal tax rate is 0% per year. 

"It was a long week and Finance Committee had some very difficult decisions to make," says Councillor Rob Miyashiro, the current Deputy Mayor and chair of the Operating Budget Review deliberations. "Budgets are usually added to, not taken away from. What we did for the community is unprecedented. This budget understands our current economic reality and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and builds in the financial flexibility we need to respond to those challenges."

A full recap of the Operating Budget Review can be viewed here:

These adjustments will be applied to the municipal portion of residential property taxes. Individual properties may see a tax change on their bills for other reasons, such as: a change in property assessment (the value of your home, business or multi-family complex); an increase to the Green Acres Foundation budget or to the Alberta School budget; and new construction or demolition.

Property tax bills are specific to each property. Anyone with questions can contact 311 to get information specific to their assessment and tax bill. You can also visit to learn more about property taxes.