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Council cancels meetings between Nomination Day, Election Day

​Lethbridge City Council on Tuesday voted 5-4 to cancel the two Council meetings between Monday, September 20 (Nomination Day) and Monday, October 18 (Election Day).

The Council Code of Conduct Bylaw 6125 requires City Council members to perform their functions and duties in a conscientious and diligent manner with integrity, accountability and transparency. City Council wishes to act in a manner which is perceived to provide equal opportunity for visibility for all candidates for the municipal election.

"The period of time between Nomination Day and Election Day is considered by the public primarily as the period for election campaigning rather than a period for City Council deliberation," says Councillor Rob Miyashiro, who introduced the motion. "This is a prudent decision in order to allow the election process to unfold and not interfere with Council and vice versa."

The 2021 Council Calendar will be amended by cancelling the following meetings:

  • Council meeting of Tuesday, September 21, 2021
  • Council meeting of Tuesday, October 5, 2021