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Council supports Legion’s “Salute our Veterans” banner project

Lethbridge residents will see an increased visual presence for veterans this November as the Royal Canadian Legion will move ahead with installing banners on light standards in several areas across the city.

At its meeting on Tuesday, Lethbridge City Council voted unanimously to approve the project and financially contribute $20,500 from the Council Contingencies fund.

“This is a great initiative and Council is proud to support our veterans by approving this project,” says City Councillor Mark Campbell, who is also Chair of Cultural and Social Standing Policy Committee (SPC). At its March 17 meeting, Cultural and Social SPC members recommended to refer this item to Administration to determine a funding source.

Following a structural assessment review and discussions between the Transportation Department and the Royal Canadian Legion, General Stewart Branch No. 4, the following locations for banner installation were agreed upon:

·         1st Ave South (near the old train station): banners on 30 light poles

·         Lethbridge Airport: banners on 18 light poles

·         4th Avenue South (in front of City Hall): banners on 14 light poles, including 12 poles with two banners on them

·         Area around the Legion: banners on 12 light poles, plus Legion flag pole

·         5th Avenue South (near Army, Navy, Air Force Club): banners on four light poles

“This is a tremendous way to recognize our veterans and we’re excited to support the Legion’s project,” says Michael Fox, Director, Community Services.

The engineering study will be funded from the Transportation Department’s annual operating budget. With Council approving $20,500 from its Council Contingencies, $219,500 would remain in that fund. Per Council resolution, any uncommitted amount at the end of 2022 will be returned to the Municipal Revenue Stabilization Reserve (MRSR).

As part of Tuesday’s approved motion, City Council also directed Administration to develop an Operating Budget initiative for the “Salute our Veterans” project for the 2023-2026 Operating Budget deliberations in November.

The Legion can be contacted directly for further details information about the “Salute our Veterans” project.

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