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Council supports digital improvement project for City’s online services

​A new citizen portal, improved e-commerce experience and a website transformation with expanded online services to improve customer service, will be among the areas of improvement through the new Digital Customer Service (DiCE) Program.

City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve the DiCE Program to a maximum $2.816 million through existing funding.

Implementing DiCE (an acronym designed to simplify and promote Digital Customer Experience) will meet City Council's strategy, the Corporate Strategy, the Digital Transformation Master Plan and the KPMG Fiscal & Operational Review recommendations.

"Technology has changed significantly since the last website enhancement and it is time for us to reimagine how we deliver exceptional online customer service and experiences for residents," says Lisa Trent, Director Corporate and Customer Services. "By leveraging new technology, best practices and analytics, we can deliver faster results to our residents, create internal efficiencies and find new ways to engage with the public about issues that matter to them."

The City of Lethbridge website is built on aging technology that will not be supported after April 2023 and lacks functionality that is becoming standard in modern municipal websites. In updating the technology and website, there will be vast improvements so residents can have personalized customer experiences, make financial transactions more easily and engage with City Council and administration online.

"The DiCE program will bring together several technology improvement projects to create a solution that is customer-centric and provides a more personalized experience that will continue to evolve with the community," says Trevor Butler, General Manager of Information Technology Services and Digital Transformation.

The City will expedite the implementation of this system during a 12- to 18-month timeframe, using a combination of internal and external resources. The City of Lethbridge's operating budget processes places a high priority on maintaining, replacing and enhancing core technology infrastructure through lifecycle funds. Funding for this project will utilize existing technology lifecycle funds and is consistent with the May 3, 2010, City Council resolution funding of the existing website.