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Council votes to create more diverse and inclusive workforce

Lethbridge City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to direct the City Manager to look at creating a municipal workforce that is broadly reflective of the citizens and communities it serves ­– and to look at its hiring practices and policies in order to accomplish the goal. 

The City of Lethbridge recognizes that a diverse work force makes full, effective use of the broad range of talents, abilities and perspectives found among our residents. The City of Lethbridge believes that all residents should be respected and valued members of the community with a stake in the future of Lethbridge.

"An equity, diversity and inclusion lens is an analytical tool that helps ensure City policies, programs and services result in equitable outcomes for all residents. It helps remove systemic barriers for both employees and residents to make sure everyone has a say in how our city grows and evolves," says Councillor Belinda Crowson, who brought the resolution forward. "This is the right thing to do and it's also the smart thing to do. Research shows that diverse organizations do better financially and this will best support the city as we come through this pandemic and recovery." 

In November 2019, City Council expressed their commitment to diversity and inclusion by re-declaring the City's membership to the Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities. In January 2021, City Council expressed their commitment to employment equity by supporting the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Recommendations and Workplan.

As part of the resolution, City Council also directed the City Manager to report annually on efforts and achievements related to creating a workforce that reflects the community and that the City Manager ensures an equity, diversity and inclusion lens is applied to City hiring and employment policies, procedures and practices.