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Website and cart size selection first steps towards curbside recycling


With just a few short months until blue carts are set to hit Lethbridge streets, the City of Lethbridge has launched a new website, to help inform residents of the ins and outs of curbside recycling. Included on this site is a tool to request a smaller blue cart, should residents wish to downsize.

By default, all households will receive a 360L blue cart but before February 15, residents can choose to downsize to a 240L cart. Those wanting to choose a smaller blue cart must go online to or call 403-320-3111. If a smaller cart is not requested, a large cart will automatically be delivered in the spring.

"We're excited to work with the community over the next several months to get them the information they need to be successful recyclers," says Joel Sanchez, Waste and Recycling Services General Manager for the City of Lethbridge. "The first thing they can do is think about the cart size that will work best for them. We suspect most people will want the larger cart, remembering that it will only be picked up every other week. That being said, for those who live alone and have limited storage space, a smaller cart might meet their needs." 

In phase 1 of the curbside recycling program, which rolled out to 900 homes last spring, the majority of participants had the larger sized cart. As reference, the 360L cart is the same size as the standard black cart which can hold approximately 5 bags of garbage. The 240L carts would hold approximately 3 bags of garbage. 

The new curbside website also provides a comprehensive list of what materials can be put in the blue carts and what needs to be left out. As a general rule, hard plastics, paper, cardboard and tin cans will be in and glass, stretch plastics and anything made of mixed material should be kept out.

"Quality is our number one focus," says Sanchez. "The better we are at only putting clean, acceptable material in our bin, the more successful our curbside program will be. That's why communication with residents is so important as we roll out the program. The website is a great tool to help get information out. You can play sorting games, sign up for e-newsletters and use the Waste Wizard tool which will help you search materials and know your pick-up schedule."

On December 10, 2018, City Council approved a new waste bylaw to include curbside recycling. Starting in April 2019, the City of Lethbridge will be collecting an additional $7/month through residential utility bills to pay for a portion of the curbside recycling program expenses. This fee will help fund things like carts and cart collection as well as the construction and operation of the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) that will sort and process recyclables. The same operating costs are incurred regardless of the cart size so residents will pay the flat $7/month fee whether they choose a large or small blue cart.

For more details on the curbside recycling program and to learn the ins and outs of your blue cart visit

Media Contact:
Joel Sanchez, General Manager, Waste and Recycling Services
City of Lethbridge