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Deceased waterfowl at Henderson Lake

​Residents walking around Henderson Lake may have noticed a number of deceased waterfowl recently.

During the recent cold snap and then subsequent warmer weather, a number of ducks have been frozen in the lake and have died. While the City makes efforts to remove deceased animals where possible, due to the instability of the lake ice it is unsafe for staff to remove the waterfowl at this time.Infographic of reasons not to feed ducks

Generally, much of the waterfowl population around Lethbridge and area fly south for the winter but this season, we're seeing many of the waterfowl staying in the city.

We're working with the School of Environmental Sciences at Lethbridge College to determine the cause of death of the waterfowl.

Residents are reminded not to feed waterfowl as this provides them with a lack of substantive nutrition, can delay migration and lead to overcrowding of waterfowl habitats.

(Image/Infographic credit to the Wildlife Centre of Virginia-

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