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Downtown Holiday Parking Promo

For everyone who made Santa's nice list this year we've got a gift for you!

From December 16-24, come to the Heart of the Holidays in downtown Lethbridge and use promo code ELF0550 at any parking kiosk to receive 1hr of free parking between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

How to enter your promo code:

  1. Visit a parking kiosk and push any button to start

  2. Select your zone (the zone the kiosk is in is listed on the screen)

  3. Don't enter your plate number yet – instead, select "code" at the bottom of the screen

  4. Enter promo code ELF0550 and press the green checkmark to confirm.

  5. Enter your plate number and press the green checkmark to confirm.

  6. Press the green checkmark again to confirm the purchase.

  7. Enjoy 1 hr of free parking


Additional Information

  • Code is not applicable to the Way to Park app.

  • If code is entered incorrectly it will say "personal account invalid" and cancel transaction.

  • If you already have the code in use it will come to the final screen and say "maximum time reached".

  • If you require more time than the code permits, you must wait for the 1hr of free parking to expire before purchasing additional time. 

  • Code cannot be reused by same plate until it expires.

  • Code cannot be used in a different zone by the same plate until it expires.

For general inquiries: 

Media Contact:
Phillip Berg, Parking Coordinator
City of Lethbridge