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Lethbridge EMS Reaches Next Level of Accreditation for High Standards of Service

On August 2, 2018, Lethbridge Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was awarded the next level of Accreditation, Accredited with Commendation, with Accreditation Canada in recognition of its quality emergency medical services.  

Accreditation involves a rigorous process of self-assessments and on-site peer interviews.  The accreditation is assessed based on leadership, governance, quality and safety. Qmentum standards identify policies and practices that contribute to high quality, safe and effectively managed care.

"Some areas of focus we have had along this journey include improved infection prevention and control, enhanced communication strategies, staff engagement and improved safe work practices," says EMS Resource Officer and Accreditation Lead Ward Eggli.  "We all play a strong roll in quality care and positive patient outcomes here in Lethbridge and area."

"This next level of accreditation is extremely important to us. It speaks volumes about the people we have working for us and about the quality of our service," says Fire Chief Richard Hildebrand. "We always strive for continuous improvement, but also know that we are at a place where we can continue to meet the needs of our community."

Lethbridge EMS was originally accredited in August 2012 and has since worked to not only maintain this important status, but to meet all the recommendations to improve, set new standards and add new policies to meet even higher level of accreditation with commendation.

"We will continue striving to be the very best Fire and Emergency Service in the province of Alberta," says Hildebrand. "We enjoy helping our community and positively affecting the lives of the people that we serve."

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Ward Eggli
Lethbridge Fire/EMS
City of Lethbridge