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Electronic billing Bylaw for Assessment and Taxation

​Lethbridge City Council has passed a bylaw detailing the process for how Assessment and Taxation provides electronic transfer of documents to the public.

Passing the Electronic Transmission of Documents for Assessment and Taxation bylaw establishes a formal, secure and transparent process on how the Assessment and Taxation department is collecting and using taxpayer's personal information. The process is simple, secure, and 100 per cent driven by the taxpayer.

A property owner can create an account on MyCity and register their property using their roll number and their secure, unique access code provided to them on their Assessment and Tax Notices. Their email and information is used for Assessment and Taxation notification purposes. If they choose to, they can also use their account for permits, which includes inspection results, permit service reports, and other communication related to permitting.

All notices generated create an archive copy that is easily accessible to retrieve showing what was sent, when, and by who. Currently, the City is only able to email tax notices. We are working towards developing technology to email the assessment notices and other Assessment and Taxation documents in the future.

In 2018, the Tax department advertised and e-billed tax notices for the first time with 110 e-bills being sent. The following year, 729 were e-billed, and this year, the City almost doubled that amount to 1,424 – with further anticipation that this opt-in service will continue growing.

Property owners can sign up to receive their future property Tax Notices by email or view their 2020 property tax notice and other tax and assessment information online at For further questions or inquiries about Assessment and Taxation, please visit our website at

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